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We make that is run by practicing artists and educators Jack Doyle and Caroline Barker.

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Drop in
Client: Galleries and museums
Location: UK
Year: Current

Together we devise and deliver a wide range of drop-in activities for different venues across the country. These workshops are led by us and inspired by exhibitions, venues, stories and key themes, and have included everything from making simple prints, to designing pop-ups, book-making and creating mini sculptures. We design these drop-in activities so they are open to all, but are especially suitable for families, visitors can stay for as long or as little as they like.

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A pop-up from the river bed

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Making your own charcoal

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Take the tram

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Collaborative collage

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Come into the castle

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Happy mapping

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Family football

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Football Kiosk

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Clay Heads… What are you looking at?

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Learning about printing

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