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We make that is run by practicing artists and educators Jack Doyle and Caroline Barker.

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The Greater Game: Football and the First World War
Client: National Football Museum
Location: Manchester
Year: 2014

The Greater Game: Football and The First World War told the forgotten stories of players and fans during World War One. The exhibition explored the role football played at home and at the front during the war years, from the FA Cup winner killed just days before the end of war to the soldier injured in battle who fought back to be England captain. We developed three mini environments based on the lives of three key figures in the exhibition, Sam Wadsworth, Myfanwy Trippier and Walter Tull. These were used as seating and storytelling zones for visitors and staff, re-creating a capsule of each person using handling objects and stories.

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Take a seat

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“Football first”

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Myfanwy’s paraphernalia

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The Womans Land Army

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Sam’s story

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Sam’s memorabilia

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Walter’s trench

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