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We make that is run by practicing artists and educators Jack Doyle and Caroline Barker.

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Exploring the Jet Stream

We have created an architectural representation of a meteorological system, which directly affects our weather and skies. Each of the three structures symbolises a spiralling high or low-pressure system, positioned within the waving lines of the jet stream.

The pavilions are made of scaffolding poles wrapped with nylon fabric banners. These travel in the direction of the pressure system, which they represent, and are embellished with information about the weather in the form of large-scale embroideries, printed panels and yarn bombing. The line markings on the grass are temporary, made with pitch marking paint.
Community and audience participation is encouraged; we aim to create the banners with our artists facilitating workshops with the local community and museum visitors.

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Structure in the park

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Scaffold Structures with fabric skin

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High pressure forming

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Follow the Jet Stream path

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Sketch idea

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Idea development

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Getting a feeling for scale

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