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We make that is run by practicing artists and educators Jack Doyle and Caroline Barker.

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Conversation Place
Client: Merseyrail/Arts Council
Location: Town Green train Station
Year: 2015

This project created a public garden for the local community and station passengers of Aughton to enjoy. We constructed an accessible environment on a disused piece of railway land, generating a legacy for the area, which could be developed further over time. During the course of the project we worked alongside many agencies from manufacturers and planners to funders and the local council. Throughout the project we were resident artists at Aughton St Michael’s CE Primary School. We also engaged the local community in the development of both temporary and permanent abstract artworks. All of which explored the idea of using different mathematical theories through colour, shape and pattern.

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The site has been cleared

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Year 6 design workshop

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When triangles, squares and circles meet

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Colourful spraycrete circles

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Hand cast textures

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Inspired by Gustav Klimt

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Pattern of spots

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Sunny pattern

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Interlocking hexagons

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Four textures

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