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We make that is run by practicing artists and educators Jack Doyle and Caroline Barker.

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Client: The Lowry
Location: Salford
Year: 2011

Transit was installation we created as part of the Unlocking Salford Quays Project, based at The Lowry. The installation comprised of a series of nine shed-like structures installed around the art centre, which were inspired by the memories of “the city of sheds” by former dockworker John Baker. Our work echoed the individual dock offices that were spread across the Salford Quays at the time. Each office was built by individual shipping companies and put together out of scraps of wood, to create makeshift sheds. These offices were often painted green and usually had a stove, a writing desk and a typewriter. Working as The Doberman Family we collaborated with students from Primrose Hill Primary School, Ambrose Barlow High School and Salford University Art & Design Department.

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The Transit Sheds

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The goods shed

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Chinese commodities

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More sheds

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Testing the chemicals

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An incident occurred

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More goods

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Exotic imports

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